Manage the discomforts of labour drug free.

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What people are saying about FreeMOM TENS

FreeMOM was my constant companion and I know I couldn’t have relaxed and done as well and as quick as I did (comfortably) without it.
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Proven and Effective

So, you are expecting!

Congratulations, there is nothing more exciting than having a baby.

You have attended prenatal classes, read books, received advice from family and friends. You have consulted with your caregiver yet still feel a little apprehensive about how you will cope with the discomforts of labour.

We can help if:

  • you would like to reduce or eliminate the amount of pain medication required
  • you would love to have some control over the discomforts of labour before you have an Epidural
  • you want a non invasive form of relief that has no side effects for you or your baby
  • you wish to know what all of your pain relief options are in order to make an informed decision

If so, imagine that you could:

  • stimulate your bodies own form of relief
  • begin relieving your discomfort while still at home
  • be fully mobile and feel in control of your labour pain
  • arrive at the Hospital calm, relaxed, and ready for the special occasion

The answer is the FreeMOM TENS Labour Pain Management System

All TENS are not created equal!

Be sure to ask for FreeMOM TENS by name, here’s why:

FreeMOM was designed specifically for Obstetrics

FreeMOM has been Hospital trialled for efficacy (see reference material)

Our 2 large labour electrodes cover all of the nerve routes to the uterus and cervix unlike others which use 4 small electrodes that cover a much smaller area

FreeMOM is simple to use as it has only 2 parameters (amplitude control and booster button)

See our Workshops page for the free, hands on class in your area. We also recommend that you watch the video instructions on this site


‘We owe it to ourselves to be educated and armed, so that we are more able to enjoy what is such a special day.’ Dr. Elizabeth R. (Medical Practitioner )

What is FreeMOM TENS?

FreeMOM is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S) device which has been specifically designed to assist in the relief of pain during labour, after-birth pain, assist with sleeping after the delivery and lower back pain.

How much is the FreeMOM to rent?

Please refer to the FreeMOM Rental page for more specific pricing information.

How does it Work?

FreeMOM sends small, safe, electrical signals into the body via electrodes which are placed on the skin. The stimulus aids the relief of pain in 3 ways:
1. By blocking the pain messages from reaching the brain via the nerves.
2. By stimulating the release of the body’s naturally occurring pain-relieving endorphins.
3. By providing a distraction while the pain is occurring.

Is FreeMOM safe?

There are no side-effects to mother or baby with the use of FreeMOM TENS. The effects of the FreeMOM are temporary.

The feeling experienced is a mild to strong yet comfortable “tingling” sensation with use of FreeMOM. You are always in control of the FreeMOM TENS.

Read Important Information

Warning: It is recommended that patients with heart and/or circulation problems, cardio-vascular problems or implanted cardiac pacemakers seek medical advice of their practitioner prior to using the FreeMOM.

Is FreeMOM effective?

Women who received TENS pre-natal education prior to the use of the FreeMOM TENS for their labour, rated it as 92% effective for pain relief with 34% of all users requiring nothing else but the FreeMOM TENS as their only source of pain relief during labour.

Is FreeMOM easy to use?

The electrodes are applied to the lower back (see picture below), when labour first commences. The expectant mother sets the FreeMOM TENS to a comfortable sensation level while pressing on the ‘Booster Button’. Once set, the expectant mother simply presses the ‘Booster Button’ during each contraction and holds it down until the contraction ceases. See the video on the instructions page of this website for more details. We can also arrange an appointment with one of our qualified health professionals for a more detailed demonstration.

Is the rental of the FreeMOM expensive?

FreeMOM rental is inexpensive. In addition, most extended health plans cover the use of TENS units. Please refer to the FreeMOM Rental page for more specific pricing information.

FreeMOM offers the following superior features:

  • FreeMOM is a small, easy to handle unit. FreeMOM is very simple to use and may be placed around your neck for Freedom of movement.
  • “Set and Forget” stimulation settings. No need to control the stimulation intensity during each contraction.
  • Two long electrodes cover the spinal nerves to the uterus and cervix resulting in greater coverage and less wires to get in the way or tangled.
  • High efficacy rate (effective in 92% of natural births*).
  • Training on the use of FreeMOM by qualified health care professionals if required.
  • Used in hospitals throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and by thousands of mothers world-wide.
  • Health Canada Certified
  • Certified by the TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration). CE certified (European Community Regulatory Services).

Benefits of the FreeMOM:

  • FreeMOM is safe, simple, and drug Free
  • FreeMOM initiates the action of the body’s own natural pain –relieving mechanisms.
  • FreeMOM is used to provide a background level of pain relief to which any other form of analgesia may be added if required or prior to epidural.
  • FreeMOM may be used while still at home, or from the time you arrive at the hospital.
  • FreeMOM may shorten the 1st stage of labour, but otherwise does not alter the natural course of labour.
  • FreeMOM allows the mother to be fully mobile and “in control” during her labour, unlike some other methods of pain relief.
  • FreeMOM can be easily interrupted or discontinued at any time during the labour. (It may need to be disconnected during internal foetal monitoring).
  • Benefits of greater comfort during early stages of labour are carried throughout the birth process.
  • FreeMOM can also be used for after-birth pain, restless leg syndrome and other pain e.g. lower back pain and shoulder/neck pain.